Wishupon — A Universal Shopping Wishlist

Hey, Android 👋

Wishupon — Comment partager votre liste de cadeaux avec vos amis sur Wishupon ? 🎁

La meilleure façon de recevoir un cadeau
Partagez votre wishlist et recevez des notifications d’achat 🎁.

Wishupon — How to share your gift registry with your friends and family

The delightful way to receive a gift
Share your gift registry and get notified of purchases 🎁

L’Oréal Open Innovation Program at Station F

Wishupon x L’Oréal Open Innovation

For now,
Add items to your wishlist, even on the Web

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Wishupon Clipper on Chrome Browser


Ecommerce AI startup / A Universal Shopping Wishlist - Create and Save Your Shopping Wishlist & Get Sale Alerts 🛍 http://www.wishupon.app

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