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Hey, Android 👋

Today, we’re so excited to announce that sharing a wishlist as a gift registry is available on Android.💚 When you share your wishlist with friends, they will reserve your gift on your wishlist and you will get notified of purchases.

Help your friends when choosing your gift.

Download the Wishupon app.

How to share your gift registry with your friends and family on Wishupon? Read more here.

Wishupon — a Virtual Gift-giving Feature

We sometimes send a gift while we don’t know a friend’s wishlist. So, they need to return the gifts or exchange them for another.

Today, we’re excited to announce that you can receive a gift based on your wishlist on Wishupon. …

How to share a wish list on the Wishupon app?

How to share a wishlist with friends and family on the Wishupon App?

Create a Collection, and share it with friends. After adding your wishlists to the Wishupon app, you can share them.

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Wishupon — Comment partager votre liste de cadeaux avec vos amis sur Wishupon ? 🎁

La meilleure façon de recevoir un cadeau
Partagez votre wishlist et recevez des notifications d’achat 🎁.

Créez une wishlist et une collecte pour un lilste de cadeaux. Envoyez le liste de cadeaux à vos amis et à votre famille. Vos amis choisiront un cadeau et laisseront un message.
Partagez simplement une adresse de livraison et des options telles que la taille et la couleur. Vous pouvez être informé des achats de cadeaux.

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Wishupon — How to share your gift registry with your friends and family

The delightful way to receive a gift
Share your gift registry and get notified of purchases 🎁

Create a wish list and Collection for a gift registry. Send the gift registry to your friends and family. Your friends will choose a gift and leave a message.

Easily share a delivery address and options such as size and color. You can be notified of gift purchases.

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L’Oréal Open Innovation Program at Station F

Wishupon x L’Oréal Open Innovation

Wishupon is a part of the startups for the L’Oreal Open Innovation Program since January 2021. We partnered with L’Oréal to roll out to France and Europe.

We have a variety of sessions and workshops with L’Oréal experts and get exposure to growth opportunities globally. L’Oréal supports us to transform the way we interact with our users.

For now,
Add items to your wishlist, even on the Web

Get Wishupon on your browser. It’s free!

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Wishupon Clipper on Chrome Browser

Save any item from your favorite stores into WISHUPON.

Tired of taking screenshots and copying URLs? WISHUPON is a universal shopping wishlist that helps you to save favorite items from any online store in one place.

Add items, get price drop notifications, and share your wishlists with friends and family.

With WISHUPON Clipper, you can save any product on the e-commerce site to your wishlist. Save all you want to buy later, and we’ll keep track of price changes and let you know by Wishupon app and email.

Happy Wishuponing! 🛍

Check out the Wishupon Clipper here.

How to add an item to your wishlist on the Wishupon app? 📲👆

A Universal Shopping Wish List — WISHUPON

You can add your wishlist in one place from all your favorite online stores. It’s Simple!

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Comment partager une wishlist avec des amis sur l’application Wishupon ?

Comment partager une wishlist avec des amis sur l’application Wishupon ?

Créez une collection et partagez-la

Après avoir ajouté votre wishhlist à l’application Wishupon, vous pouvez la partager avec vos amis et votre famille.

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Comment ajouter votre wishlist à l’appli Wishupon ? 📲👆

Sauvegardez sur l’application WISHUPON

Vous pouvez ajouter votre wishlist dans une seule application à partir de tous vos magasins et marques en ligne préférés. C’est très simple.

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